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  1. ayyy lemme get them BTC next time youre on!!! i need to buy some flowers.

  2. Hey, saw you were offering Forum Sigs, might you be good at making some banners? and such for events

    1. Aqua Is Memes

      Aqua Is Memes

      Yea, I can try my best!

  3. better save me a sticker

  4. until
    Host(s): @itsnotkr0nik Community Wide Rules : No racism. No douchebaggery. No disrespect. No spamming through text/chat. No screamers. No harassment. No advertising or recruiting for any other server or community. No arguing with admins. Admins have final say. No cheating of any kind (walls, bhop scripts, aimbot, speed, etc..). Do not wear the vG. / [VG] / VG | unless you are a member of the community. No scamming. Scamming will result in a permanent ban. Event Rules and How to Play : Get on and just play help up to populate the server!! Enjoy fun times with friends and see if you cant top frag!! Raffles and random give outs every hour! When: August 22nd thru the 29th from 6pm to 9pm Central Where: CS:S Crackhouse Server IP: Who can play: Anyone Special event rules: Major prizes may only be given to VG recruits + Prizes: Prizes will be given out 2 per night and you must play a total of 5 nights total to maintain prizes! Ranging from a VG sticker to $50 PayPal, Steam, Amazon Card, WHATEVER!!
  5. Looks like it's time! Prepare yourself to get blown up!! August 18th on the CS:GO TTT server ( IP ) from 6pm CENTRAL to 8pm CENTRAL we are going to be hosting the first CS:GO event. Grab your Jihad Bombs and prepare to blow up! Use your credits and get as many kills as you can with the Jihad Bomb! Person with the most kills based only with the Jihad bomb will be the winner. The points will not stack up over rounds so you will want to get as many as you can each round you are a traitor! Where and When - CS:GO TTT SERVER - August 18th 2018 from 6pm central to 8pm central Hosts will be @itsnotkr0nik and @Twist Who can play - Everybody can play!!! But only VG Recruit to Council will be eligible to win the Prizes. If a Friend of VG wins there will be a " Woo go You!" Prize given out. How to play : Basic TTT Rules may be found at TTT Rules. The point of this game is to purchase the Jihad Bomb through the Traitor menu by typing /Menu in chat during rounds. Purchasing the Jihad Bomb, allowing it time to arm and blowing up as many people as you can with that life. The Jihad bomb will automatically begin the 60 second timer before you are allowed to detonate it. Once you heard a few beeps you will 3x press your inspect key allowing the bomb to detonate blowing up yourself and those within distance!! Prizes 1st Place - Copy of Rust for Steam as well as $15 Paypal or Steam 2nd Place - $10 Steam or Paypal 3rd Place - $5 Steam or Paypal shout out to @B4CQN for the graphics and for the copy of Rust for the winner!!!
  6. hey Misty itskr0nik here! glad to see you joined up! HMU here next time youre on lets get a squad going. ill grab my boy @Twist and we can wreck some people!

    1. bennett


      I'll help carry them.

    2. MistyNZ


      ok cool


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